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ANS will participate in North American Composites and Advanced Materials Exhibition, 2017

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ANS will participate in North American Composites and Advanced Materials Exhibition, 2017
North American Composites and Advanced Materials Exhibition, 2017

Dates:  11-14, September 2017

Location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

The new Composites Exhibition, jointly organized by the ACMA and SAMPE, was officially named the North American Composites and Advanced Materials Exhibition in 2014. The exhibition, which will replace the original ACMA and SAMPE shows, is a global, comprehensive venture in composite and advanced materials, covering new material research and development, manufacturing, engineering, and other service fields for suppliers. Its purpose is to provide distributors and end-users a good communication platform for technology and information exchange, as well as economic and trade cooperation. The Exhibition this year will further expand the scale and improve the practical effect of exhibition, imagined at its conception.


★ Raw materials: resins, fibers, fillers, and additives and modifiers.

★ Intermediate products: sheet molding compound, bulk molding compound, prepreg, lining, thermoplastic-chopped fiber-reinforced plastics, reinforced aggregates, and molded parts.

★ Semi-finished and finished products: pipes, cast products, sheet materials, wood-plastic composites, molding composite materials, super multi-layer coated prepreg, lining materials, glass mat-reinforced thermoplastics, and granular materials.

★ Products: for applications involving chemical corrosion, boats, electrical and electronics, construction, aerospace, automotive, home appliances and merchandise equipment, sporting goods, etc.

★ Molding process and equipment: pressing, casting, extrusion molding, injection molding, laminating, pultrusion, coil forming, winding molding, resin transfer molding, spray molding, vacuum infusion process.

★ Application services: software, research and development, consulting services, industrial information, and media.

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