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    As the base material for the semiconductor and electronic industries, high purity metals have been widely used in optical, electronics, optoelectronics, solar panels, decorative and other types of scientific research and industrial fields.To meet your multi-level needs, we can provide a variety of high purity metal compounds.

Product   SeriesSymbols
High purity   aluminumAl
High purity   bismuthBi
High purity   magnesiumMg
High purity   cobaltCo
High Purity   ChromiumCr
High purity   copperCu
High purity   ironFe
High purity   manganeseMn
High purity   nickelNi
High purity   rubidiumRb
High purity   zincZn
High purity   zirconiumZr
High purity   cesiumCs
High purity   lithiumLi

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